Arch/LArch 2300
Austin E. Knowlton School of Architecture, The Ohio State University
Summer Term 2018
Final Exam DRAFT Study Guide, FINAL exam is 150 points, point values below are approximate. This guide does not cover every question that will be on exam, rather to be used as a study tool. Any new vocab or identifications added will be in BOLD. This is a recommended guide to study, not all questions on the exam are on this guide. Students will be tested on info presented in lecture and recitation before their scheduled exam. Creating flashcards (physical or digital) for vocab, IDs, essays (each of the previous with diagrams) and using the timeline are recommended study tools.
Part I: Matching Vocabulary
15-25 points
Acanthus leaves Allée Amaterasu Antiquities Act
Architrave   Base Baroque
Book Matched Capital (column) Cantilever Caryatid
Cella Cornice Corinthian Courtyard
Deconstruction Doric Entasis Free Facade
Free plan Frieze Folly  
Grand Tour Grotto Hearth Hypostyle Hall
Intercolumniation Ionic Jeffersonian Grid Jigsaw Puzzle
Ka Kami Kare Sansui Minaret
Microcosm Mosaics Neoclassical Pediment
Pendentive Piano Nobile Picturesque Piloti
Pylon Reliquary Ribbon Window Riparian
Roof Garden Shaft Spiral Stylobate
Sublime Telescoping Tori arch Toyouke
Prairie Style Rustication Paradigm Panathenaic Procession
Sanctuary Shinto Plasticity  
Minarets Pietra dura Chahar bagh Folkhouse
Turret Volutes Urban Carpet  
general questions on historical styles and chronological order  
Part II: Building, Landscape, City Planning ID's and Knowledge
60-90 points
Cenotaph to Newton Parthenon Parc de la Villette Ryoan-Ji
Ise Shrine Barcelona Pavilion Stourhead Villa Savoye
Wexner Center Farnsworth House Glass House Robie House
Seattle Public Library Contemporary Arts Center Tate Modern  
5th Avenue Dam removal     Knowlton School of Arch.
Temple of Queen Hatshepsut Temple of Ramses II Temple of Khons Taj Mahal
Part III: Comparisons- using diagrams to illustrate text (1 question)
15 points
One select identification from the list below will appear at the exam. The first 4 questions on scantron will be to identify by name, designer, city and style. Then students will write an essay, discussing similarities, but more importantly differences illustrating your text with diagrams. Write the entire time allotted. Even if you are unable to correctly identify the images, discuss site, formal, spatial, material, circulation and other relationships between the two designs. It is better to write this essay as a comparison of the two topics instead of one paragraph about one topic, then the next about the other topic. The more directly your essay compares the topics, the easier it will be for us to read and grade. Let us know if you have questions-
Farnsworth House / Glass House Robie House / Farnsworth House
Knowlton School Arch/ Contemporary Arts Center Stourhead / Parc de la Villette
Farnsworth House / Barcelona Pavilion Villa Rotunda / Villa Savoye
Contemporary Arts Center / Seattle Public Library Knowlton School Arch / Villa Savoye
Part IV: Diagram/ Essay
30-50 points

Answer the following essays with complete sentences, developing information with diagrams to illustrate if required. Write the entire time allotted. Select questions will be provided to answer.

1-2 shorter diagram/essay questions 6-10 points
1. Discuss and diagram LeCorbusier's 5 points of architecture.
2. Discuss and diagram the four designed landscapes for Knowlton School of Architecture. Discuss specific site relationships, locations, materiality, etc.
3. Discuss and diagram how the Glass House relates to a Greek temple.
4. Diagram and label the parts of the Greek temple (facade and/or plan).
2-3 longer Diagram/ Essay questions 9-12 points each. Students will not be tested on essays from previous exams.
1. Discuss and diagram the evolution of light in the Pantheon, Hagia Sophia, and Notre Dame Paris.
2. Discuss and diagram the difference and or similarity of materiality and structure in Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Parthenon, Pantheon, and Ise Shrine and their effect.
3. Discuss and diagram the structural innovations in these religious structures and their effect: Pantheon, Hagia Sophia, and St. Peter's.
4. Discuss and diagram dematerialization of the box in reference to Barcelona Pavilion, Fallingwater, Robie House and Farnsworth House. Discuss specifics of how each of these projects exemplifies planes in both plan and section, materiality, how the planes connect or separate space and how, etc.
5. Discuss and diagram the role of the hearth to organize space in Robie House, Fallingwater, Glass House and Farnsworth House. Discuss specifics of how the hearth connects or separates and how, location, materiality, etc.  
6. Discuss and diagram the development of the ramp in Wexner Center, Contemporary Arts Center, Seattle Public Library and Knowlton School of Architecture. Discuss specifics of what the ramp connects and how, location, materiality, etc.
7. Discuss and diagram comparing Central Park, Paley Park, World Trade Center and Highline. Discuss spatial qualities, scale, vegetation/materials, movement, change in section, furniture, etc.
8. What is Picturesque? What is sublime? Discuss specific buildings and/or landscapes that exemplify each, explain, and diagram.