Arch/LArch 2300   Schedule
Autumn Term 2018   subject to change
    updated Aug 23
      LECTURE (links are for lecture recordings) RECITATION (topic listed only once, recitations Tues-Fri)
Week Date Topic    
1 T Aug 21 Introduction   orthographic projections
          lego drawings due in recitation or uploaded to Carmen by Fri 5pm
  H Aug 23

Developing a design language, vocab and terminology

2 T Aug 28 Graphic conventions and readings continued   Diagram exercise part A
      Assignment 1 due Tues Aug 28 in LECTURE or posted to Carmen by 9.30 am   bring part A printed only (or download to iPad) to recitation this week
  H Aug 30 Figure/ground finished, Architectural partis, Two recordings from AU17: 1. start at 52 mins to end and 2. start at 23 mins for Uffizi    
3 T Sept 4 Architectural partis continued   recitation activity
          Diagram exercise Part A DUE (at beginning of recitation either physical or posted to Carmen)
  H Sept 6 Architectural partis finished, Centralized idealizations    
4 T Sept 11

Centralized idealizations continued

  Diagram exercise Part B DUE (at beginning of recitation either physical or posted to Carmen)
      Paper 1 assigned   recitation activity: prepare for Exam 1 & library activities
  H Sept 13 Centralized idealizations finish    
5 T Sept 18 Linear processions started   EXAM 1 (in recitation)
      Temple of Ramesses II moving video    
  H Sept 20 Linear processions continued, Evolution of Urban developments    
6 T Sept 25 Linear processions continued, Ceremonial sequences   Paper 1 topic (selected) sections, elevations and plans due
  H Sept 27 Linear processions continued; Urban sequences    
7 T Oct 2 Planar developments: Landscape sequences   Paper 1 workshop: diagrams due
  H Oct 4 Planar developments: Landscapes continued, Urban    
8 T Oct 9 Planar developments: Urban Organizations continued including Columbus City Planning   NO RECITATION THIS WEEK
      Paper 1 Due, in lecture Tues Oct 9  
      Paper 2 assigned    
9 T Oct 16 Planar developments continued   paper 2 topic sections, elevations and plans due
        recitation activity: prepare for Exam 2
  H Oct 18 Planar organizations finished, Volumetric organizations started    
10 T Oct 23 Volumetric organizations continued  
EXAM 2 (in recitation)
        47.26 average, 90% (fab!)
  H Oct 25 *Volumetric organizations, Inwardly focused*    
      *recording failed, this is AU17 recording start 31.30-1 hr 16 mins    
11 T Oct 30 Volumetric organizations, Inwardly focused continued   paper 2 workshop, diagrams due
  H Nov 1 Landscape Conservation and Reclamations    
12 T Nov 6 Landscape Conservation and Reclamations continued   recitation activity: prepare for Exam 3
      Paper 2 due (in lecture Tues Nov 6)    
  H Nov 8 Landscape/Architecture Education & Culture    
13 T Nov 13 Landcape/Architecture Culture continued, Residential Explorations   EXAM 3 (in recitation)
  H Nov 15 Residential Explorations continued    
14 T Nov 20 Residential Explorations continued   NO RECITATION THIS WEEK
  H Nov 22 NO CLASSES, Thanksgiving BREAK    
15 T Nov 27

Residential Explorations continued

  recitation activity and final review
  H Nov 29 Residential finished, Museums architecture and landscape becoming art    
16 T Dec 4 Museums and Centers of Learning-This is a recording to similar content (shy of the intro to Contemporary Arts Center) from AU17, definition for Urban carpet later in the discussion for Contemp Arts Center   NO RECITATION THIS WEEK
  H Dec 6 (optional) Extra Final Exam review session, 9.35-10.30 KN190. This session will not be recorded, there is not a recorder in KN190.    
  FINAL EXAMINATION 8-9.45 AM FRI Dec 7, 250 Knowlton Hall
  bring a pencil for scantron, pen or pencil fine for essays