Arch/LArch 2300   Schedule
Spring Term 2018   subject to change
recorded lectures as links of lecture topics   updated Jan 9
      LECTURE RECITATION (topic listed only once, recitations Wed-Fri)
Week Date Topic    
1 T Jan 9 Introduction, Developing a design language (AU17 recording)   orthographic projections
      Assignment 1 due Tues Jan 16 in lecture    
  H Jan 11

Vocab and terminology, Graphic conventions and readings (AU17 recording)

2 T Jan 16 Graphic conventions and readings continued (AU17 recording)   Diagram exercise part A
      Assignment 1 due in lecture   bring part A printed only to recitation this week
  H Jan 18 Graphic conventions and readings continued (AU17 recording until 46 mins)   & library activities
3 T Jan 23 Architectural partis   recitation activities:
          Diagram exercise part A DUE (in recitation)
  H Jan 25 Architectural partis continued, Centralized idealizations   bring Diagram exercise part B printed only to recitation this week & library activities continued
4 T Jan 30

Centralized idealizations continued

  Diagram exercise part B DUE (in recitation)
      Paper 1 assigned   recitation activity: prepare for Exam 1
  H Feb 1 Centralized idealizations continued (AU17 recording 1st start 54 minutes to end and 2nd recording for Taj Mahal finish and Centotaph from 13 mins to 25)    
5 T Feb 6 Centralized idealizations finished, Linear processions   EXAM 1 (in recitation)
  H Feb 8 Evolution of Urban developments (AU17 recording starting 25.30-1 hr 11 mins)    
6 T Feb 13 Ceremonial sequences   recitation activity
          Paper 1 sections, elevations and plans due & library activities
  H Feb 15 Ceremonial sequences continued    
7 T Feb 20 Urban and Landscape sequences (AU17 recording 1. start 35.30 min to 1hr 3 mins and 2nd recording start 33 mins to 1hr 9 min)   Paper 1 workshop: diagrams due
  H Feb 22 Urban and Landscape sequences continued    
8 T Feb 27 US Town plans continued, Columbus City Planning, recording Part 1 and Part 2   recitation activity: prepare for Exam 2
      Paper 1 Due (in lecture Tues Feb 27)    
  H Mar 1 Planar/Field organizations continued    
      Paper 2 assigned    
9 T Mar 6 Planar/Field ornganizations continued, Volumetric organizations   EXAM 2 (in recitation)
  H Mar 8 Volumetric organizations continued (start 4.30 min), with in class assignment due end of lecture    
10 T Mar 20 Inwardly focused  
paper 2 topic sections, elevations and plans due
  H Mar 22 Inwardly focused continued    
11 T Mar 27 Landscape Conservation and Reclamations   paper 2 workshop, diagrams due
  H Mar 29 Landscape Conservation and Reclamations cont.    
12 T Apr 3 Landscape Conservations finish, Landscape/Architecture Education & Culture   recitation activity: prepare for Exam 3
      Paper 2 due (in lecture TUES Apr 3)    
  H Apr 5 Guest Lecture Knowlton Director Professor Michael Cadwell    
13 T Apr 10 Landscape/Architecture Education & Culture finish, Residential Explorations   EXAM 3 (in recitation)
  H Apr 12 Residential Explorations continued    
14 T Apr 17

Residential Explorations continued

Additional recordings noted to watch below (watch: Farnsworth House, Wexner Center, other various Guggenheim and Ohio museums, Tate Modern) from times noted below

Residential finished start 1.03 to end for Farnsworth House, Museums becoming art, starting at 50min for Wexner until 1hr 54min to end of Tate Modern. Let me know if there are questions-

An extra source to watch as noted in lecture today: 10 Buildings that Changed America, start 17 mins to watch Robie House

  recitation activity and final exam review
  H Apr 19

Museums finished, Centers of Learning

  H Apr 26 9.30-10.30 Optional Final exam review, KN190    
  FINAL EXAMINATION 8-9.45 AM Mon Apr 30, E001 Scott Lab
  bring a pencil for scantron, pen or pencil fine for essays