Arch/LArch 2300   Schedule
Summer Term 2018   subject to change
    updated May 30
Week Date Topic    
1 W May 9 Introduction, Developing design language and vocab (second half of lecture recorded from SU17)   assignment 1 due Mon May 14 (also posted on assignments tab)
  H May 10 Orthographic projections (recording from SU17), Research at OSU Libraries and Avery, visit Knowlton Library (last 2 topics of class were not recorded, ask a classmate to discuss notes or ask Aimee if there are questions)    
2 M May 14

Vocab practice & diagram assignment discussion, Graphic conventions and readings (figure/ground)

  bring Identification sheet printed to class, completed assignment 1 due in class
          bring printed only to class Diagram exercise Part A & B (find on Wed May 16 below)
  W May 16 Figure/ground continued, Architectural partis (first recording), Diagram exercise Part A and Partis continued (second recording), Exam 1 study guide (see May 23) Diagram exercise Part A due
      Paper 1 assigned    
  H May 17

Review Exam 1, discussion Paper 1, Partis continued to Tempietto (start 50.50 with Classical Roman discussion continue to Tempietto), Partis finished, Centralized idealizations started (start 13.30 conitinuing to finish with Stonehenge)


Homework for Mon May 21: Finish watching lecture started in class on Thursday (same link at left) Partis finished, Centralized idealizations started (start 13.30 conitinuing to finish with Stonehenge)

3 M May 21 Centralized idealizations continued, Review Exam 1  

Diagram exercise Part B due

  W May 23

Centralized idealizations finish, Linear processions


Exam 1, Exam 1 average: 40/46.5 points, 86%

      video of the moving of Temple of Ramses II to watch, start at 45 seconds (may need to open in a new tab)   paper 1 topic sections, elevations and plans due
  H May 24

Linear processions continued (paper discussion not recorded)

  paper 1 workshop, minimum 8 diagrams due
      recorded lectures to watch before May 30 class (content will only be covered in class through recordings) Linear processions continued including Greece introduction, Stoa of Attalos and Maison Carrée start 46.13 to end, Imperial Fora, Baths of Caralla and Ise Shrine lecture start 24 mins to end   additional assignment for Tues 5/30: watch recordings as noted under May 24 (content not covered in class), Make sure to take great notes and let me know on Wednesday if there are any questions regarding thoughts from these lectures
4 M May 28

NO CLASS-Memorial Day Holiday

  W May 30 Ceremonial sequences   paper 1 workshop continued, start to review for Exam 2
  H May 31 Urban and Landscape sequences continued  
Paper 1 Due 10 am Fri June 1 to Isabel or Treye in studio or slipped under Aimee's 297KN office door by 10 am
      Paper 2 assigned    
      recorded lectures to watch before June 4 class (content will only be covered in class through recordings) Vaux le Vicomte start 24 minutes to 40 and Columbus part 1 45 mins to end and Columbus part 2 9 mins to 38 minutes    
5 M June 4

US City planning (unfortunately sound did not record, here is another recording if you need more than images, starting 14 to 44 mins)

  review for Exam 2
      Versailles start 28.35 minutes to 1.06   assignment for Mon June 4: watch recordings as noted under May 31 lecture content
  W June 6 Planar projects finish, Volumetric organizations   watch Versailles recording (that works) under June 4 topic column
  H June 7

Volumetric projects continued


Exam 2, average: 51.6/59 points, 87%

      recorded lectures to watch: 1. 51.50 to end Hagia Sophia and Ryoan-Ji and skipping a bit forward to content easily covered in a recording 2. National Parks and Darby Creek Visitor Center start 27.30-57 mins    
6 M June 11 Inwardly focused volumetric projects, Landscape Conservation and Reclamations  

paper 2 topic sections, elevations and plans due


link to PBS Nova Hagia Sophia & other videos (Great Cathedrals is good video and available for free but Hagia Sophia plus others are not available on PBS but are on Amazon, so look for them there or other streaming services if interested)

  assignment for Mon June 11: watch recordings as noted under June 7 lecture content
  W June 13 Landscape Conservation and Reclamations finish, Landscape/Architecture Education & Culture start    
  H June 14 Residential Explorations start NO RECORDINGS to watch this weekend, we are on schedule   paper 2 workshop, all diagrams due to be submitted for review
7 M June 18 Residential Explorations continued   review for Exam 3
  W June 20 Residential Explorations finished, and second short recording: Museums, architecture and landscape becoming art..    
  H June 21 Museums continued (images only, no sound), unfortunately SU18 recording did not capture sound, here is a link from AU17, start 32.52 for Wexner Center   Exam 3
8 M June 25 Museums continued, Centers of Learning (images only, no sound)   Paper 2 due in class
  W June 27

Centers of Learning finished

Final exam review, come prepared with answers and questions regarding final exam study guide

  H June 28 FINAL EXAMINATION 9.30-11.15 AM 177 KN